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  • Jeff Chery “Dead” [NO DJ] – Dirty Glove Bastard

    Download the no DJ version of @JeffChery's new banger "Dead"

    April 19, 2015
  • Jeff Chery – I’m Sorry (Official Video)

    Jeff Chery - I'm Sorry (Official Video) Shot By @AZaeProduction https://youtu.be/naLF2CSsL_o via @YouTube

    April 18, 2015
  • Percs & Work 3 (Hosted By Jeff Chery) [Mixtape]

    Percs & Work 3 (Hosted By Jeff Chery) [Mixtape] - Dirty Glove Bastard

    April 11, 2015



Jeff Chery is a Vagabond, only because his style, talent and as a man of character collectively has no specific home or limit. Some might label this as weird, however most geniuses were known to be pretty “weird”. The September 22, 1987 Haitian born Flatbush Brooklyn raised artist found himself indulging in mischievous acts at an earlier age and would eventually be abducted into a life of gang violence and “streets hustles”. Being a product of his environment Jeff knew that he wanted to go against the grain and make that transition to becoming the icon that he naturally is. “Music saved my life” the 6″2 Jeff expressed as he found himself gaining a great deal of success through what he love doing. “Haitian Mufasa” a name earned by Jeff’s peers for his sense of boldness amongst other leadership attributes better describes his Aura and has allowed him to form a group of fans and co-workers that label themselves Vagabonds.




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